What Do You Need from Ryerson’s Online Learning and Teaching Systems?

Update June 5, 2013: Please note these surveys are now closed.

Ryerson is re-evaluating the use of Blackboard, and is considering replacing Blackboard with a different Learning Management System (LMS). We want to hear what you think about this potential change and what you want from an LMS. What features are important to have in an LMS? How are you using Blackboard and is it meeting your needs? What other types of online services do you need? What do you think of switching to an LMS “cloud service” where information is hosted off campus?

Please take the time to fill out one of our online surveys. The surveys require that you log in using your my.ryerson.ca user name and password so that everyone can only fill out the survey once and so we can group responses by faculty, staff, and students. Although you must log in, your Ryerson ID will be removed from the survey database after the survey closes so that your response will be anonymous.

If you are a student taking courses please complete the Student Survey:


If you are an instructor please complete the Instructor Survey:


Note: If you not a student, please complete the Instructor Survey. If you are staff at Ryerson and provide in-house training or have another instructional use for a Learning Management System we encourage you to complete the Instructor Survey.

The surveys are part of a consultation process regarding the future of online learning and teaching systems and services at Ryerson. The consultation has been undertaken by The Advisory Committee on Academic Computing (ACAC). More information about the consultation is available at:


The surveys use tables to display some questions. More accessible versions of these surveys are available here:

For instructors: https://survey.ryerson.ca:443/s?s=2658
For students: https://survey.ryerson.ca:443/s?s=2669

One thought on “What Do You Need from Ryerson’s Online Learning and Teaching Systems?

  1. My institution is in the process of re-evaluating the use of Blackboard
    Would please share with us your student and instructor surveys.

    Thanking you in anticipation


    Stephen Kigundu
    elearning manager

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